When I was in first grade, my good teacher showed us how to make such a line design, which she told us was a pattern.

Pattern 7MAR2016

I did not know this was just one example of a pattern, but it sure was memorable for me.  In retrospect it helped lay the groundwork for recognizing patterns of many kinds.  I can see the classroom in my mind’s eye.

Crocheting 85% Cotton Covers Made Dust

Recently I crocheted these two covers, one for an infant in a seat, and one for a young girl.


This newborn blanket is 22 inches by 29 inches and weighs a little over 13.5 ounces or about seven, two-ounce skeins of yarn.


This blanket is  6 feet 5 inches by 4 feet 1 inch, and weighs a 5 pounds 8 ounces, after washing in hot water and drying on hot in the dryer.   The dyes are color fast with washing and drying in hot water, and in a hot dryer.    (This was about forty-four two ounce skeins.)

It was fun to work on this, and combine colors, but I learned that this yarn makes a lot of dust, which got on my clothes, rendering them un-presentable in a few minutes, piling up on the floor in little dust bunnies, and caused one of us to sneeze heavily, and repeatedly.

Then  I finished these projects ,  we vacuumed up the dust,   and then I stopped crocheting with this yarn inside the house.   The heavy sneezing stopped.

This yarn is 85% cotton, 15% polyester.    I believe these are OK to use after washing and drying in the dryer.

I attribute the dust creation to the yarn manufacture with short  lower quality cotton fibers.   I attribute the health effects  to my working rather intensively on these projects, because we did not notice this before, when I did smaller projects with this yarn.  Our home was a little like factory with poor air conditions because of this.

I think using a higher grade cotton yarn will not create so much dust.   And I’ll use up this yarn outside.


Colorful Car Seat Blanket


Above is the front of an infant car seat blanket.


And here is the back.

This little blanket, measuring twenty-two inches by twenty-nine inches,  is made with 17 colors of Premiere Home Size 4 cotton blend yarn using a Size G aluminum hook.  This piece can be machine washed, gentle cycle, in hot water, and machine dried on low.

The color palette was inspired by that of “Where the Wild Things Are”, by Maurice Sendak and consists of 17 colors from Premiere Home  Size 4 cotton blend solids, ombres, and splash types or dyes.  The stitch was fun to do, but more difficult to track, which is why it is asymmetrical.    It sure did allow mixing of colors, though, as claimed in the pattern  Hooked on Color Afghan  (,  where I got the stitch basics, though I did not try to repeat the stripe order.  I compensated for the uneven piece edge by adding a framing border in Denim Splash, and a narrow outer rim of navy blue.