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To Distract Two Young Boys On an Airplane

Two young boys in the seats in front of us were restless, especially the youngest who appeared to be about two  or three years old, who did not want to stay in his seat.  The older one, perhaps 4 or 5 years old, was much quieter.   I wanted to help.  Their young mother cajoled the younger one with treats and gentle threats but to no avail.  I wanted to help, and finally it occurred to me that I had a little tablet and a pen in my purse.  I handed them to the mother, who gave it to her younger child.   He did not want it.  His mother suggested that he give it back to me,  and explain that he did not want it.  So I received it back.

DSC07460  And having heard that their names both began with J, I wrote J on  the tablet.  I asked the older child if he knew what this was.  He said It was a J. then I wrote down several letters at his request, making a word out of them if I could.

DSC07458 Here are some of the words I wrote.  This game lasted for about 40 minutes.  Then the boys fell asleep until landing.   Their mother pointed out to me that they were, “Like angels.”


Maya Angelou: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings   dwn Aug 15, 2015 519putcu+lL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_  This image from Amazon is the cover of this book by Maya Angelou.  It is a very vivid memoir of her childhood, detailed in its sensory descriptions.

Here is an example of her writing, where she is describing her angry brother leaving her mother and her at about age of sixteen.  The following is a set of quotes by her brother, and her thoughts in the situation, a good illustration of what I think of as mind points in motion.  ( As I imagine, in keeping with the synapses firing at the moment.)

“She wants me out, does she?  Well, I’ll get out of here so fast I’ll leave the air on fire.  She calls herself a mother? Huh!  I’ll be damned.  She’s seen the last of me.  I can make it.  I’ll always make it.”

At some point he noticed me still in the doorway, and his consciousness stretched to remember our relationship.

“Maya, if you want to leave now, come on.  I’ll take care of you.”

He didn’t wait for an answer, but as quickly went back to speaking to his soul.

I love this description of (a young) person,  reach out and grab his relationship with his sister, (then about age 14).  Then the young man’s consciousness included and invited her, and went back to its internal reflections, “speaking to his soul”.

As this issue resolved, the young man’s mind points aligned, and he went confidently off to become a porter on a train.



Regena Larrabee Seehausen Died Fifty Years Ago

Mommie and four kids in Camptown yard10257624_10203150486259020_8513023102578119133_o (1) Regena Larrabee Seehausen about 11 years before she died.  She is shown here with her four children; Mary, Richard, Christine, and Sylvia.  This could have been taken on the front lawn of the house in Camptown. Regena Larrabee Seehausen died on July 31, 1964 at age 48 in Camptown.   She left behind four children,  her husband, Paul Henry Seehausen, her mother, brothers, sisters, friends, and many other relatives.  She also left behind a self-published book (1964) called Poems.   In November,  Paul Henry Seehausen will have been dead for nearly eleven years.

In 1966 Paul Henry Seehausen Married Janet Baird Brown Mudge, who also had four children, a daughter and three sons.

Christmas 1990, Oxford Scan Straightened  JUL 12, 2014 We have had a lot of good times, and still do, including  Christmas 1990, pictured here. This photo was taken twenty-four years ago, halfway from the time Janet and Paul married forty-eight years ago.

DSC03391 These are those same four children from the first photo, over sixty years later.  Left to right, Christine, Sylvia, Richard, Mary.