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Garden, June 20, 2014

DSC03122 Garden on day of summer solstice, with the same things, but some seeds harvested, and no new plantings.

It is  easy to keep this garden weeded,  because the weeds simply do not grow in it very fast.  Therefore what was and is growing in it is quite hardy.

AND, the lead free “soil” that we got last year must not have been very good.   It was a mix of tree shreddings and sand, according to the business that dug the garden and delivered the soil.

Perhaps the lincreasing shade did not help either, but weeds grow well in greater shade.

Soil building has come to the top of my garden to-do list.













Lemon Blossoms, But No Fruit!

DSC02180 There were blossoms on this lemon tree.

DSC02446   There is no set fruit on this lemon tree.  I think it is because snails ate mini fruits, unless there were no bees in the front.  I saw snails, and have not recently seen bees.  It could have been another problem, so while I work to reduce the snail population, I will keep my eyes open.